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Expert Skin Whitening Tips for Everyone

4:00 PM - July 3, 2015 by Laura Wanschers

Are you interested in whitening your skin without exposing your body to harmful chemicals and snake oil remedies that are not only costly but also ineffectual? If so, then there are more than a few professional skin whitening tips that will go a long way in ensuring that you experience the power of skin whitening forever. You will be astonished at how the process of skin whitening can be made easier and more so the fact that you can get it done in the comfort of your home, especially by adhering to the following tips.

1. Use buttermilk

Have you ever asked yourself why buttermilk is the best choice for growing children? Buttermilk contains nutrients and natural fats that are necessary for growing children, as it facilitates the growth of new muscle tissues gradually through the years. Apart from muscles, buttermilk is also suitable for your skin whitening process; all you need to do is to apply buttermilk on your hands, face or soak your feet in it. Lactic acid is present naturally in buttermilk and ordinary milk. This acid has the capability to lighten and make your skin soft. Essentially, this is among the many reasons as to why milk is used in manufacturing skin care products because it acts on your skin directly for remarkable results.

2. Consider Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a skin care product that it has been used over times for renewing and rejuvenating worn out skin cells. When you use this oil together with Licorice extract that has Glabridin, your skin will whiten within a period of two to three weeks. This can be attributed to the fact that Glabridin, a compound that reduces melanin production and decreases inflammation of tissues that typically causes darkening of the skin. In case you wish to create a mix of licorice extract and jojoba oil on your own at home, you will need two teaspoons of jojoba oil for every one teaspoonful of licorice extract. The mixture can be created by adding jojoba oil to licorice extract.

However, it is essential to test the new mixture by dipping a small amount of the mixture on your limb and let it relax for some few hours. If you encounter irritation or redness, then do not apply it on your face because you may be allergic to either jojoba oil or licorice extract, or both. If you would like to use both natural and commercial skin whitening rectifies, then you must consider carrying out this allergy test. It is imperative to always good to remember that you should not spread stuff on your face before testing it on the skin on your limb fast.

3. Try using raw papaya extract

If you are not pleased with the application of oils on your skin on a regular basis, in addition to leaving them on your skin for half an hour or so, then you will need to try other plant extracts for your skin whitening. Raw papaya extract is the best alternative for such situation, expecially when used with freshly squeezed lemon juice. You will need to have three or four raw papayas (big ones), and two large lemons. Be certain that you separate the pulp from the juice using food processors. You can as well use commercial juicers to accelerate the extraction of juice from both lemon and papayas. Mix the two juices and apply the concoction on specific parts of your skin, which you intent to whiten. You can gently apply this whitening solution to your skin using cotton balls.


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